LED lamps

The use of LED lamps has enabled me to improve my car by both better functioning of the lights, yet reducing the drain on the limited output dynamo system. My car is 12v positive earth, but LED replacement lamps are available for 6, 12 or 24 volt, positive or negative earth. I searched around looking for a supplier, and I was pleased to find Duncan Rickards, founder and proprietor of ‘Classic Car Leds’. I let Duncan explain more:

Classic Car LEDs pride ourselves in supplying high quality CE and ROHS approved LED bulbs designed as straight plug and play replacements for original filament bulbs at great value prices. We stock a wide range of 24 , 12 and 6 Volt bulbs and relays with negative and positive earth together with AC options that we are happy to, and often do, ship worldwide. The business is owned and run by long term Classic owners that know the benefits these bulbs bring. They will improve brightness and visibility and also lower current draw which are a must for safety reasons. On average, our bulbs only draw 10% of the current that a standard filament bulb does so you can be confident you can brake, indicate, and have your wipers and headlights on without them all dimming or failing.

We are also acutely aware of over inflated prices in the classic vehicle markets and try to keep our prices as low as possible so that all can benefit from improved lighting and safety at a reasonable cost.

After many classic car restorations we ventured into adding LED lighting for safety and comfort reasons and found that the bulb qualities generally available were not to our satisfaction. The business was set up as a direct result of not being able to purchase good quality LED bulbs at a fair and affordable price. We continue to research and develop the ranges to improve lighting, colours and prices for your classic car, bike or vehicle and have many repeat customers. On average 18% of our sales per month are repeat business.

Some owners want to add LED lighting but want to keep a classic look. Most of our bulbs are now available in warm white which provides a brighter but softer looking light.

What are LEDs?

LED lighting has been available for over 50 years. LEDs are semiconductor diodes which convert roughly 90% of the electricity consumed into light. Standard incandescent bulbs only convert around 15%.

LEDs last a considerable amount of time when compared to an incandescent. The useful life is usually in excess of 30,000 hours use. They don’t burn out like traditional bulbs, instead the light output gradually fades over time.

Incandescents are becoming obsolete. They are cheap and mass produced but they don’t last long, don’t like vibration or temperature extremes and take a lot of energy to light. They get very hot too which wastes most of the power going to them. They are not efficient.

LEDs are resistant to vibration and thermal shock. They are also great at being able to switch on and off frequently and do not need to warm up. When switched on, they are immediately on. This is particularly useful in giving early indications of braking. That earlier lighting brighter bulb may make all the difference to someone hitting you from behind or not.

Good quality LED bulbs are generally brighter than incandescent bulbs, all of ours have been developed such that they are. They will improve your visibility to other road users and also enable you to see your gauges and interior which can only better your driving experience.

Please browse our site to see the range available. If you have any questions, can’t find what you need or are looking for advice, please feel free to contact us.

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